John Lawrence | San Miguel, California

Created 24-May-09
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The Mission San Miguel is curiously enough located in San Miguel, California.
It's a semi sleepy little town north of Paso Robles and Templeton just off the 101. From the highway it looks like you might still find a dirt road running through the place but you'd be wrong. It's a quiet little town full of pride in itself and besides the mission the town has a great breakfast and lunch cafe. You can still get a stronger cup of coffee down the street, and if it's something stronger try one of the older bars in California, the Elkhorn.
The Mission is really wonderful, very unrestored and very untouristy, it still has many of the art and design decorations that were original to the mission system.
It is being rebuilt after an earthquake damaged the church, but the renovations should be done this year, so go for a visit.